If the dollar inflation increases and Bitcoin’s value continues to grow in real terms, affecting gold and silver in the process, what is a better standard of value?
It was impossible to know that running would stick when I "lacked a runner's build", or when injury flared up, or when wildfires hindered runs for…
Opportunities multiply as they are seized.
Disgusted you turn off a phone still propped up by the pillow next to you and consider what you're doing with your life.
The benefits of 3d printing are bigger than a mountain of plastic thingamajigs.
The looming threat of can't-happen-here political instability in Washington is sobering. It's time to visit the real issues.
All of this came from within. It just needed to breathe.
Every great story contains conflict. Rocky vs Apollo. Indiana vs Nazis. Jaws vs those pesky humans. The best stories resolve that conflict and leave you…
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